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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

1st annual Ladies Night Sale, Nov 25. Hosted by Breeders World

Sneak peak at sale offering. Contact Garrett 319.504.9020. For more info!

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV3MHnxh1E9DXCkHI7dV8-F2IDJSxhDJF

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shike Cattle Co. Female Sale. Bids Close Tonight!!!

Selling 3 Grizzly daughters bred to monopoly 2.
2 Shiver daughters.
1 Simple Man daughter. And a full sister to REVOLUTION's dam
Contact Dan Shike (217) 369-7468 for more info.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ladies Night Female Sale Nov. 25th!!!!!

Shike Cattle Co. Bred Female Sale Wednesday Night on Caldwell-Willoughby

Tag: 007x
Sire: Grizzly
Dam: Angus
Date of Birth: 2/21/2010
Service Sire Bred To:: AI bred to Monopoly 2 on 6-13.
Appoximate Due Date:: Vet call: Due 3-22 to AI Sire.
Location of Cattle: Alexis, IL
Consigner: David Shike: 309-236-3415 • Dan Shike: 217-369-7468: dan@shikecattlecompany.com
Comments: We decided to do things a little different in this sale and sell out of our 3-year old group as well. These are females that all calved as 2 year olds, weaned a calf, and bred back (in a drought)! The work is done here. They are ready to start making you money! We love the Grizzly females and are selling 3 outstanding ones. This female is powerful, big bodied, and stout featured.
Additional Comments: We wanted to do something to set ourselves apart from some of the other bred heifer sales, so we made the decision to sell 18 of our 3 year old females carrying their 2nd calf. We didn't hold back - the top end females are for sale! These are females that calved as 2 year olds and bred back. If you are not sure you want to calve heifers, here is a real opportunity to buy PROVEN females that are still young! We AI'd the 2nd calvers primarily to Monopoly 2 and I-80. Calving should not be an issue and you have a real opportunity to cash in on their first calf. All 2nd calvers were AI bred on June 13 and ran with Shike Brutus (3/4 Simmi - Meyer 734 x Steel Force) from 6-15 to 9-15. Check breeding information for vet calls on service sire. We reserve the right to one successful flush with a minimum of 6 transferable embryos at buyer's convenience and our expense.

Shike Cattle Company Bred Female Sale on Caldwell-Willoughby Wednesday Night!

Tag 151Y
Sire: Simple Man
Dam:Simmi x Angus
Date of Birth: 4/3/2011
Service Sire Bred To:: AI bred to I-67 on 5-11.
Appoximate Due Date:: Vet call: Due 2-24 to AI Sire.
Location of Cattle: Alexis, IL
Consigner: David Shike: 309-236-3415 • Dan Shike: 217-369-7468: dan@shikecattlecompany.com
Comments: If we were actually putting these in some sort of order, this one would have to be towards the top. This female is as cowy as you can make one. Tons of body, functional, smooth, and sound as a cat. Bred to I-67! I can hear Dad now, "Why are we selling that one?"

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Tag: 37
Sire: Immortal
Date of Birth: April
Sex: Steer
Location of Cattle: Mayville, MI
Consigner: Brock Welshans (734) 368 4006

Comments: Owning a steer like this one is a no-brainer. Tag 37 combines the looks of a Heat Wave and Full Flush pedigreed steer. There is no doubt in my mind this calf has everything it takes to win a competitive state fair. He’s constructed and designed just how a serious contender needs to be. Sound and smooth in his design, shaggy haired, wide and “boxy” from front to rear, and knows he is a meant to be a show steer. Great natured on top of it all! Let’s go win some shows!

Immoral Steer

Fesmire Show Cattle Tag 22 Immortal Steer. Sells Nov 3, bids close at Dark.

Grizzly x Meyer. High seller $23,000

Sold by Daniels Show Cattle
Raised by Dave Duello